IBM Infringes on CloudBzz with Beekeeper YouTube Video ;-) #cloudcomputing

In a stunning infringement, IBM has released a video about the story of Seamus McManus, the Al Gore of Cloud Computing (e.g. he invented it).  For some reason, IBM chose to have Seamus be a beekeeper, and they show bees in the video.  This is an outrage!

CloudBzz has retained the legal services of Dewey, Cheatem and Howe to issue a takedown notice, penned in a faux-RIAA style on faux-RIAA letterhead.  Further, we have called on IBM to stop comparing the work of SM to the creation of Cloud Computing.

In the immortal words of VP candidate Sen. Lloyd Bentsen, and I paraphrase,

“I know Cloud Computing.  Cloud Computing is a friend of mine.  And you, Seamus Mc-IBManus, are no father of Cloud Computing.”

Doth I protestetheth to mucheth? Don’t I pwn the bee?

You decideth!

One thought on “IBM Infringes on CloudBzz with Beekeeper YouTube Video ;-) #cloudcomputing

  1. Larry says:

    A travesty if I ever heard/saw one. But hey, at least you get cross hits any time anyone searches for bees and buzz and is looking for Big Blue!

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