Enterprise Cloud Summit (#ecs)- Monday Recap #2


There were several more great talks, demos and panels during the day.  See Bitcurrent for good summaries of each one.  Here are some additional bits.

Peter Laird’s talk on Taxonomies is a copy of the one he gave at Interop in NY this past Fall.  Here is his blog post from September 2008.  The vendor taxonomy chart is included in the post. Also, I was pretty impressed with Mike Repass, product manager for Google AppEngine.  They still have a lot of work to do to get AppEngine to be a major player with the lock-in they require, but their “serverless” scalability model is very interesting.  

I then attended CloudCamp which had some interesting discussions. I attended two breakout discussions – one on Amazon’s new auto-scalability capabilities, and the other on enterprise issues. 

There was more substantive content at the CloudCamp than the Enterprise Cloud Summit.  Hmm….

3 thoughts on “Enterprise Cloud Summit (#ecs)- Monday Recap #2

  1. Peter Laird says:

    John – thanks for the mention! Here is the link to the updated copy of my taxonomy presentation:http://peterlaird.blogspot.com/2009/05/cloud-co

  2. Thanks for the update Peter.

  3. Russel adword says:

    Cloud hosting is the need of the hour for enterprise cloud needs. It addresses the extended hosting requirements of large enterprises with proper scalability and robustness. When in need, it helps enterprises in building a robust and reliable IT infrastructure for their enhanced hosting needs within no time.

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